Thursday, April 23, 2009

Independent organisations being BIAS

Election Commission (EC) is among the supposedly by-partisan independent organisations in the country (i.e. AG, Judiciary, police, MACC) appeared working so hard for UMNO. It was clearly bias in its action to over-rule the Speaker and refused to call by-elections for 3 ADUNs in the Perak fiasco. The behaviour is widely viewed as a clear attempt to help UMNO to wrest power in the state, unconstitutionally.

Of late, EC responded to the call of UMNO about "unnecessary by-election" as UMNO seems to have lost confidence after losing 5 out of 6 by-elections to its opposition, Pakatan Rakyat. This time EC is seen as favoring to help UMNO to avoid more embarassments in losing more by-elections and maintaining its rule in the country.

By delaying the decision on the date of the by-election (or may be even deciding not to call one since UMNO-BN is on a losing streak), EC is again seen by the public as waiting for a decision (or instructions) from UMNO after its Supreme Council meeting.

Do you think EC is really an organization of independence, professionalism and integrity billed to uphold the constitution and protect the rights of Malaysians?

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