Thursday, July 16, 2009

Sad episodes happening, again, and again...

How sad, the authorities failed to carry out their duty professionally. Worse of all, failed to assume full responsibilities and be transparent after tragedies happened. Already, general public has no confidence on the law enforcement agencies to protect their safety in this crime-rampant country.

The entire episode is very strange aside for the usual selective investigations pitched at the oppositions MPs/SAs. Never seize to amaze the general public that the law enforcement agencies are hard to be distinguised from the criminals.

This is Malaysia, your beloved country, after being governed by the ill-minded for 50+ years.

Ean Yong’s political secretary dead at MACC HQ
MKinin - Exco's aide falls to death from MACC HQ - death at MACC headquarters
limkitsiang - death at MACC headquarters

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