Sunday, May 25, 2008

Samy Vellu - Indian Rights Fighter

MIC president Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu continues to hold the same position in the party after he lost in GE12, becomes a laughing stock. He had not been getting the required support even from ethnic Indians but he keeps talking about fighting for the Indians. What were the results we witnessed over the past 30 years of him "fighting" for the Indians? That Indians as a whole continue to plunge below the national average clearly speaks of it. Take a look at those Indians who live in the small towns and estates, they were fooled to be happy with small tokens and candies given each time general election approaches. Was that the "benefits" Samy Vellu fought for them?

Lately, the case of Maika is brought up again to show the unhappiness of many many Indians who get sucked into this investment scam. Many of them took out their hard earned money saved over the years to dump into Maika hoping for a good returns. Worst still, many went to borrow to invest. After many years passed, not a drop of water was ever distributed as bonus, even the investment capital continue to be in jeopardy. Where the money gone to? Do we blame the investors being greedy or the powerful being corrupt?

Looking back in history, is Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu a trusted man? Is he a man of word? One will always remember of how many times he fired his few deputies in the party. It cannot be always that the deputies are crooks and needed to be kicked out. Could it be that Samy Vellu a dictator?

Before GE12, many MIC members hopped onto Hindraf band wagon, that platform not only seemed to bring up concerns of many Indians, it dared to stare in the eyes of the devil and demanded for their rights. Now we call that “fighting for Indians.” Unfortunately the government was not in agreement with Hindraf, and ignored to heed the voice. Hoping to have stopped it once and for all, the 5 Hindraf leaders were put in detention in the name of protecting national safety. And just where was Samy? Did he support Hindraf? Some said that Samy was in full support to detain the 5. May be not, he may be angry because he had say it all along, that all issues concerning Indians should be and must be handled by MIC or bring to his attention. Agree?

Then again, why Samy demanded the Hindraf5 be released after GE12? Playing hero? Taking the easy way to hopefully gain back the support from the Indian community?

The real questions should be:

  1. Does Datuk Seri Samy Vellu really have the support within MIC to remain a party president?
  2. Is he qualified to remain one?
  3. Will he be able to and honest in fighting for Indian rights?
  4. Can MIC represent the Indians in Malaysia?
  5. Is MIC relevant to the Indian community?

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