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UMNO will not give up power peacefully

I read this article written by Right Truth and could not agree with it more. So I blog the post in its entirety here to share with friends.

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UMNO will not give up power peacefully

Posted by Vineeth Menon
Thursday, 17 July 2008

After the general elections of March 8, 2008 the BN’s lost state governments reluctantly handed over power to Pakatan Rakyat in a scorched earth manner- missing files etc and even carted away the office furniture. Thus far, the Pakatan Rakyat state governments have performed admirably, and set to be even better in the future.This has caused great worry in UMNO that their days are truly numbered. There is a morbid fear that charismatic Anwar Ibrahim with rising popularity, will actually make good on his word to take over the government in a few months.

UMNO has set in motion its evil plans to deny a change of government at all costs.

To the UMNO chieftains, de facto leader of the Opposition Anwar Ibrahim must be eliminated at all costs, even rehashing old tactics that nobody believes anymore.
So the predictable script goes on. Get Anwar arrested on trumped up charges, get him convicted (Augustine Paul can help again), and Pakatan Rakyat will be have no leader. And with PAS Hadi Awang seemingly happy to cause confusion in Pakatan Rakyat with his willingness to prostitute himself to UMNO, and perhaps even able to join PAS and UMNO together again with the well worn divisive excuse of Malay nationalism.

UMNO does not care about world opinion. All it cares about is continued plunder of the nation’s wealth. And they will not give up peacefully. Thursday’s record breaking trafficc jams were a tactic to build up tension among the public.
And we need to remember that the UMNO hold on the government is still largely intact-control of the police, the army, the judiciary, the Dewan Rakyat, and the emasculation of the Royalties. Some people cannot change for the better, and it would be over optimistic to expect them to.

Brace ourselves for worse to come. Even some “racial” disturbances so that the BN can proclaim an emergency and seize power forcibly. A lot of people will go to jail without trial. Nothing is below UMNO. They may even eliminate important personalities. And then UMNO leaders will continue to merrily steal from the people.

And one day we may look back nostalgically to March 8, 2008 that the rakyat on this date missed out on an opportunity to change the Malaysia for the better, by not voting in more Opposition. That opportunity may never come again for another 50 years. In the next and future election, when it is held, the UMNO will resort to massive vote rigging to ensure that they win with a “landslide victory”. Our stepchildren of Sabah and Sarawak is greatly responsible for this state of affairs. With people like traitorous Joseph Pairin, and to depend on them to correct the situation is not very possible.The present MPs have been nurtured in the BN mentality and tradition of ‘money is everything’, they would rather sell their grandmothers than cross over for the people’s sake. The people must take hold.

Our beloved Malaysia have now sunk to the level of Mugabe and Idi Amin ruled countries. Don’t cry for me.

The only way left is people’s power, like that which brought new freedoms to the Philippinos and Indonesians. Have Malaysians got what it takes?

Right Truth

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