Friday, August 8, 2008

For a Just Malaysia

The by-election of the constituency of Permatang Pauh is set to go.

I read that MCA is working very hard to prove their loyalty in mounting strong a campaign to “convince” more Chinese voters in Permatang Pauh to vote UMNO/BN, and they continue to be the running dog for UMNO.

To Chinese friends,
Whether you are in Permatang Pauh constituency or not, you can help educate and relay the happenings to your family, friends, and associates, for them to understand the real picture in our political arena, and for them to fully comprehend how low & dirty the UMNO/BN is. Also for them to understand how your MCA which claimed to represent orang China continue to sell out your own people's future to the "Ketuanan Melayu". Look at your other Chinese pemimpin who fought for your causes/equality and the country's future for the past 40 years - Lim Kit Siang. Look at Guan Eng who went to jail demi keadilan seorang gadis Melayu di Melaka, beyond the boundary of race. You can help!

To my Malay brothers/sisters,
We must understand too the happenings since UMNO who claimed to represent Malays. Mainstream newspapers are always presenting perspektif in UMNO's favour. What is the percentage of the Melayu benefited from the DEB/NEP? Vast majority of the wealth & opportunities are allocated to UMNO powerful, UMNO-linked cronies and some Chinese/Indian running dogs. Remember, we ought to be fair not only to our own race, but others who live in and helped this country to prosper. They are our friends and must not be exploited just for the so called Malay unity or at the expense of Ketuanan Melayu. What if we be the TUAN and loose the economic support from the hardworking Indians and Chinese? Malaysians must all be equal in every aspects and live in peace. Insyah Allah.

To our Indian brothers/sisters,
It should not take much to convince you that MIC is not in the interest to represent your community & struggle. Just look at Samy Vellu and it's self-explained! It will not be over night that all are in good shape, but you will see significant improvements come along ONCE the UMNO/BN is booted out from governing.

Please come together, Rescue Malaysia!


“Ya saya agen Melayu, saya agen Cina, saya agen India, dan saya agen rakyat"

Membakar semangat baru
untuk bangsa dan zaman ini;
Memberi nyawa baru
pada jasad yang telah tua.


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