Saturday, February 28, 2009

Najib-Zambry slapped each other hard

As Najib says emergency sitting of Perak Assembly cannot be held, he slapped his illegitimate BN MB in Perak so hard where Zambry's justification was not measuring up to Najib's logic. Obviously, they just do not have a good reason to convince rakyat Malaysia why UMNO should rule Perak, not to mention it even lacks the mandate from Perakians.

Recalling that Pak Lah asked Zambry to lodge a Police report and defy the suspension few days ago, we can confidently judge that UMNO's top leadership capabilities are no better than any Pak Mat, Ah Ong, and uncle Samy (Tom, Dick, and Harry).

Found the following comment in Malaysian Insider.

Najib says court, Zambry say no court. So court or no court??
written by Durian Besar, February 28, 2009
Look at these dialogues:-

Najib said: "Whatever it is, we have to wait for the decision of the court first. We have to first establish the status of the Perak government in terms of the constitution."

Zambry said: "That is what he (Sivakumar) wants, bring everything to the courts. We must understand the state constitution and the assembly's Standing Orders are very clear on these matters. You can interpret them any way you want but they must be followed."

Najib says must wait for decision from court. Zambry says no court, accusing Sivakumar of wanting to bring everything to court. This is typical UMNO, they inteprete laws, regulation, constitution to their advantage. If all else fails, they play dirty.

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