Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Perak's Fury, Malaysia's Rage

Court declares assembly illegal
Judicial branch taking order from executive branch and is meddling into the legilative business to protect UMNO's interests, ensuring its survival.

Effectively, UMNO trashed democracy and constitution manipulating all gvovernment apparatus, turning the country into lawless police state.

Shameful and dispicable.

The Perak State Assembly emergency session
Hats off to YAB DS Nizar, Speaker Sivakumar, Sr Exco Ngeh, and the entire Pakatan Rakyat ADUNs!

Your hard work and determination in risking your safety to fight the corrupts earned you the highest honour among Pearkians and all consciencious Malaysians!Rakyat appreciates you!

This episode highlights UMNO/BN an organisation corrupt to the core. If anyone still not convinced of UMNO/BN being the enermy of rakyat, there will be no other ways to convince them because they are blind, deaf, and dumb.

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