Thursday, January 21, 2010

Matha - Cause of Democrat Loss in MA Senate Race

Oh! Poor Matha Coakley!

Are you surprised of the behavior of you comrades? You should have known the consequences when accepting the nomination to run in the Massachusetts Senate Race. Or may be were thinking that this must be a "sure win" since you could easily inherit the legacy and popularity from the former senator Ted Kennedy?

Don't you know many of the politicians (be they Democrats or Republicans) behave this way when situation not going according to plan?

When the environment is sweet and victorious, there will be teamwork and everyone would like to claim credits. And you have many friends.

If end result is a defeat, no one would like to "take responsibilities" and would blame it on others. And many will try distance themselves from you... Now you know who are your friends.

Human nature ...?!

Following excerpt taken from news article in CNN.

Boston, Massachusetts (CNN) -- Even before the polls closed on Tuesday night, Democrats were distancing themselves from their candidate, Martha Coakley, and blaming her stunning loss in the U.S. Senate race in Massachusetts on what they described as a lackluster campaign.

Read more of the article directly from Democrats point fingers after stunning loss

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