Monday, January 11, 2010

Who sponsors fascism?

It was crystal clear on how this issue was being handled by the government, home minister, and even the prime minister. All the announcements and statements made by them were not forgotten.

Denying the undenyable can only demonstrate how childish our government is. Those who walks in the corridor of power always...always think that the people of Malaysia lack intelligence, and easily fooled.

Remember the home minister said that only 8 cases so far indicated great success of the police force? Who is he trying to fool? We wonder how KPI is being assessed, or do these hopeless bunch even know what KPI actually means.

And that only a day before his IGP said that the police force lacks manpower, and suggested the relevant parties should employ their own security to safeguard properties. What a shame!

Hope to hear your view.

Following excerpt taken from TheNutGraph article "Allah" issue: Who started it?

BN-sponsored fascism

The West often likes to describe Malaysia as a "moderate Muslim state". We are far from it. We have become a fascist state under BN rule. How so? Well, a state that actively and aggressively promotes racial and religious superiority is no different from the Nazi state that asserted that the Aryans were superior to the Jews. And the systematic use of violence, fear and draconian laws to diminish and suppress the legitimate rights of minority groups can only be described as fascist.

The BN will, of course, deny responsibility for the way the "Allah" issue is playing out. The government will provide financial aid to churches to prove to Christians that it does not condone these acts of violence. It will now be open to interfaith forums, where before it banned any such attempts by groups such as Article 11.

Too little too late, I'm afraid. Make no mistake: the BN government started this. And by denying culpability now and stubbornly refusing to do what is right despite the historical, cultural and religious evidence, the BN is responsible for the rising fascism in our midst.

Is this the kind of Malaysia we want to live in?

Is this the kind of government we want?

Jacqueline Ann Surin thinks peace-loving citizens should set the benchmarks for what constitutes 1Malaysia instead of letting the government spin its public relations exercise. What would you like to see happening for you to believe that Najib's 1Malaysia is for real?

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