Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Shameful Government Fighting for Survival

This Chinese chap (Wong Chin Huat) made good sense in his analysis. He was the person initiated the 1BlackMalaysia campaign with his gang right after the government announced failed 1Malaysia campaign to court the middle ground Malay voters and non-Malay voters.

We should welcome and support his effort, regardless of his ethnicity, in fighting corruption and fair treatment to all Malaysians.

One thing clear is that the incumbent government, in fighting for its survival, would not hesitate to go all out to bring down its challengers.

Look at the advanced countries like UK, US, and France, their governments changed hands over to different political parties from democratic election to democratic election and achieved better transparency in their administration.

Malaysia, has been governed by UMNO and its corrupt allies for more than 50 years. And after more than half a century, we remain unsure of how all races should live together in harmony, has a flip-flopping educational system, a Nazi-styled Home ministry and enforcement agencies, government controlled media mouth pieces, black-box operation on all government linked tenders, etc.

Following excerpt of commentary article taken from TheNutGraph.

"And Najib was trapped by the BN's past successes in toppling state governments, from Sarawak (1966), to Kelantan (1977), and Sabah (1994). He did not expect that citizens would not take a federal coup lying down. Instead, they tore his "1Malaysia" public relations campaign to pieces in a show of civil disobedience."

Wong Chin Huat is a political scientist by training and a journalism lecturer by trade. He strongly believes that Parliament and legislatures should be confined to homo sapiens and no amphibian should be allowed entry.

Read the full article here Game over for Pakatan Rakyat?

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