Saturday, March 20, 2010

In the Name of Religion

If you are with an opposite-sex partner, whether you two are legally married or not, you should refrain from staying in any hotel and chalet in the state of Terrengganu in Malaysia. (except that if you are rich enough to put up in a 5-star)

You may not be allowed to dress properly before these fanatics break into your room. In fact, in many of the happenings, they like to see your naked bodies, particularly if you are females. They are no saints but only in the name of carrying out their "sacred" responsibilities.

You will be treated as criminals and taken into custody before your are given opportunity to prove yourselves.

So, think twice before you brave the risk!

Excerpt from news article:

"Guests at the Penarik Inn here were flabbergasted by the actions of a group of men said to be from the state Religious Affairs Department (JHEAT) who conducted a raid yesterday morning.

Guests claimed they were rudely awakened at 2.25am by loud, incessant banging on their chalet doors.


Haniffah was outraged when she saw one of the men peeping through a window about 20 minutes later."

Read in details of the news article from MalaysiaToday:

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