Monday, March 22, 2010

You are Most Desired


Nope! We are not talking about the most desired women here, though Jessica Alba topped the list and was voted to the title.

We are talking about stability of a country, economic growth of a country, and democracy of a country.

It is, therefore, so many people continued to support and vote in the incumbent government, again and again.

Many of them, think that by doing so, they help ensuring the equilibrium of stability and economy of the country not be disturbed. And they think the only stability is key to prosper.

Many of them were tricked to believe what they see on the surface.

Many of them were conned on what they hear from the medias.

Unfortunately, they helped flourish the ideas of those cronies and fascists...

So, what have you decided to do, within your rights, to help restore justice and democracy?

The previous Information Minister, Zainuddin Maidin (Zam), told Al Jazeera back in November 2007 that Malaysia is a democratic country because we have elections once every five years. Hitler won the elections as well and became Nazi Germany’s leader. Saddam became Iraq’s leader when he too won the elections. Does this make Nazi Germany and Iraq democratic countries?

In Malaysia, the political arena is not a level playing field. The media is controlled. You need a licence to start a newspaper, magazine or radio/TV station. And if you ‘violate’ the terms of your licence then you lose it. And so-called ‘violations’ are not clear. There is no hard and fast guideline. It is within the powers of the Minister to decide what constitutes a violation. And if the Minister, and only the Minister, is of the opinion that you have violated the terms of your licence then he can cancel it.

So they do not give space or airtime to the opposition for fear of incurring the wrath of the government. And whatever publicity the mainstream print and electronic media gives the opposition it is always in a negative light. Only bad news about the opposition is featured. The mainstream media never says nice things about the opposition. If they do, they will lose their licence.

In a true democracy, the TV stations would give equal airtime to the opposition. This does not happen in Malaysia. In Indonesia, surprisingly, it does. Therefore, in spite of elections being held once every five years, Malaysia has a long way to go in achieving the status of a proper democracy.


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