Sunday, April 11, 2010

Any Body, So Long As...

"I suggest you all to take a back seat and think with a clear mind logically. What is the root cause for such economical divide. There are rich Indians and poor ones, same goes for rich Malays and poor ones and so forth. By forcing PR to appoint an Indian as their rep for Hulu Selangor, I find it an absurd move. Me as a Malaysian First and an Indian second, does not condone such calls nor do I support it. I stick to my claims that any Malaysian rep who can execute the tasks and resolve the multi-racial constituency problems and issues will get my vote.

By Babulal

A Malaysian First, an Indian Second


"There are many areas where under BN control villages have been demolished without any compensation in the past and no one could voice out due to their monopoly and intimidating political ways and it involved Malays, Indians, Chinese, Sabahans, Sarawakians, etc .... not only Indians – but all races in Malaysia have had in some point in time been bullied by BN."

Read in details below from MalaysiaToday:

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