Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Hold Your Hourse

Make sense?

Sounds right as witnessed all these while what the UMNO "grassroots" had done in discrediting those not in sync with their top brass. You be the judge.

"As the shootout for Hulu Selangor draws near, the dirty campaign of UMNO has begun in full swing. Predictably, UMNO are not focusing on the issues of the rakyat. UMNO are focused on the only thing they know, and that is: to spread lies and misinformation."

"On the 16th of October 2004, I was charged for money politics. I found this charge to be utterly ridiculous, because I won the seat uncontested. There was no opponent. So, how could I be charged for money politics, when there is no contest? But within UMNO, I guess anything is possible."

Picture credit: borrowed from MailOnline

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