Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Chinese Lapdogs

How a lap dog show their acts when squeezed by their master?

But it is even shameful to compare these people to dogs, as dogs are cute animals. Though Muslims shun dogs, but that is different.

Here you witness yet again, how the Chinese MCA leaders continue to kiss and suck up to their puppet master just to get some spilled crumbs... hoping to be UMNO's super-cronies. Pathetic!

""It's not easy for us. Every time we enter a new village, we got scolded. Therefore, we have to improve our strategy by getting more leaders from the MCA divisions throughout the country to help us," said a grassroot leader."

Do they even realise why they get scolded?

""We have not received much support from the Chinese community, but with the 1Malaysia and other policies introduced by the PM, we hope to change their feelings. There are small groups among the Chinese community who are backing the PM and we hope these groups will grow bigger by polling day," Liow said."

Hello! MCA is no longer relevant to your Chinese folks. And what is 1Malaysia? "Malay First, Malaysian Second"

"Besides organising dinners, they have alo engaged the Chinese voters through what they term as "sembang petang" (evening chats) with small groups of about 15 to 20 voters in the Chinese new villages. "

They still think the voters are dummies that giving out some candies and sweets, they can charm the voters into submission?

"MCA deputy president Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai said national as well as local leaders would meet them to explain the government's policies, the 1Malaysia spirit and the need to speed up the implementation of fairer policies by Najib."

Ha ha... and where is your celebrity Porn Star President? Why is he not showing his face?

BUT, the crucial question remains... while MCA claimed to support the removal of ISA and UMNO determined to keep it, so why MCA continues to suck up to UMNO?

It must be like MIC, where UMNO is the master who decides on MIC candidates.

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